EU Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency (A2)

The drone licence for Europe

The new EU regulation came into force on 01.01.2021, requiring a certificate of competence (A1/A3) or remote pilot certificate (A2) for the usage of most drones. The proof of competence (A1/A3), issued by national aviation agencies all around Europe, is a prerequisite for the completion of the Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency (A2). Regardless of the guidelines, we recommend to every drone pilot to thoroughly study the discussed topics of this course.

Since 2017 we are the accredited German drone school. From January 2021, we offer the advanced course for the Remote Pilot Certificate (A2) as an online course, valid throughout the EU.

Register today for the Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency (A2) and benefit from current knowledge of experts, giving you the opportunity to legally fly your drone everywhere in the EU.

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Course Content

  • 1


    • Course Script
  • 2

    1. Meteorology

    • Basics of Meteorology
    • Global and Local Weather Conditions (Flash Cards)
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Speed (Gap Text)
    • Thermals and Turbulence
    • Thermals and Turbulences (Flash Cards)
    • Effects of Weather Conditions
    • Fog Visibility
    • Rain and Icing
    • Thunderstorms
    • Effects of Weather Conditions (Flash Cards)
  • 3

    2. UAS Flight Performance

    • Flight Stability
    • Attachment of Payloads
    • Center of Gravity
    • Catching UAS
    • Securing Payloads
    • Center of Gravity and Attachment of Payloads (Flash Cards)
    • Batteries and Electrical Circuits
    • Electrostatics
    • Electrical Circuits & Electrostatics (Flash Cards)
    • Functionality and Parameters of Accumulators
    • Functionality and Characteristics of Accumulators (Flash Cards)
    • Important Batterie Types
    • Storage, Usage and Dangers of Accumulators
    • Storage, Usage and Dangers of Accumulators (Gap Text)
  • 4

    3. Reducing Technical and Operational Risks on the Ground

    • Low-Speed Mode Functions
    • Low-Speed Mode Functions (Gap Text)
    • Evaluating the Distance to People
    • Estimation Error
    • Estimation of Heights and Distances (Flash Cards)
    • The 1:1 Rule
    • 1:1 - Rule in Germany (Flash Cards)
  • 5

    4. Additional Content (only Chapters 1-3 are relevant for the examination)

    • Fault and Accident Reporting
    • Reporting Channels
    • Fault and Accident Reporting (Flash Cards)
    • Risk Management
    • Risk Analysis for Increased Risk Potential

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Flash Cards & Gap Texts

Consolidate the knowledge you have acquired. With our flash cards and gap texts you will be optimally prepared for the exam.

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